Entry #2

Pico Day!

2008-04-30 21:24:08 by brownBeanie

Awww, I totally missed out on Pico Day. I remember coming here any playing Pico for the first time back in the day. Good times. Oh nostalgia....

Well, maybe next year.


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2008-05-03 08:25:25

dont worry maby next year


2008-05-04 04:36:01

heeehee!! hi, just wanted to say xD that i loved r flash~ yay yay! do more of em!!~ i really like r style! gonna put u to favourites, so i'll see when r second work comes. oh, and don't worry too much about the pico day, cause u'll be there next year, right? ^_______^=


2008-05-04 22:14:29

Yeah, Pico would go perfectly with one of your Noir styled flashes!


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